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Steam Guns models SG1 & SG2 image


Introducing SafeSteam™

Now you can save Money, Avoid using Combustible Fuels and Eliminate Exhaust Venting with an Inexpensive, Bulletproof Steam Cleaner that taps into your In-Plant Steam Lines.

If your plant is plumbed with 80 - 150 psi steam lines, here's an innovative way to use that steam for cleaning purposes.  We've developed a steam cleaner that has many benefits over conventional steam cleaners because it taps into your existing steam lines; so it doesn't need a burner.

SafeSteam™ Means No Fire, No Vents, No Stack and a Safe Work Environment.

The Walter's SafeSteam Cleaner transforms you plant steam (which by itself is too dry to be effective for steam cleaning) by scientifically blending proper amount of water.  It uses a specially designed electric pump, industrial cleaning agents and our proprietary SteamShot™ gun to generate a readily available source of steam for your cleaning and sterilization applications.  Since no burner is required, you avoid messy and dangerous fuels.  There is no exhaust to worry about, so you can use it indoors without special venting.

SafeSteam™ Save you Money and Time

Safesteam is always instantly ready.  Operators just pick up the gun and go to work.  SafeSteam is easy for your internal maintenance team to maintain.  No dealer or costly service contracts are required.  Not only is it cheap to hook up and operate, it's cheap to buy.  Because of its simple, streamlined design, it's at least $1,000 less expensive than conventional steam cleaners.

SafeSteam™ has a Ton of Applications

Use your SafeSteam Cleaner for paint preparation, sterilizing, cleaning of delicate equipment and sensitive parts, cutting through heavy fact, just about anywhere inside or outside your facility where you need the power of steam to handle tough cleaning jobs and want to avoid pressure washer mess and splash-back.

SafeSteam™ comes with a Five Year Unconditional Parts Warranty.

The Walter's SafeSteam cleaner is so durable and dependable we offer a five year unconditional parts warranty that covers everything except hoses, guns, and labor.  If a part fails anytime during the first five years, we'll immediately fix it or send you a new one.  Everything is simple to install for your maintenance we offer free technical support, just in case they need a quick tip or two along the way.


Safe Wash 5 HP
7.5 HP
10 HP



SteamGun™ and CoolGrip™Barrels

Walter's builds our SteamGun for extreme applications where operators are dealing with the most difficult to clean grease.  The guns are capable of up to 450º F @ 1500 PSI.  Because of Walter's proprietary valve design, the guns are capable of high volume with minimal pressure loss.

The SteamGun components are designed to withstand the most sever conditions.  The valve body is stainless steel to resist  chemical erosion.  The handles are zinc plated for rust prevention.  The barrels are schedule 80 steel pipe to endure rough handling, being run over by equipment, etc.  the CoolGrip is perforated steel and is spring mounted to ensure cool hands.  The swivels for both the barrel connection and hose inlet are brass and stainless steel and ensure fatigue free operation.



SG1 Steam Gun image
SG1 1/2" Yes Yes Yes 36"
SteamGun Model Inlet Size Lever Operation Barrel Swivel Hose Swivel Gun Barrel
SG2 Steam Gun image
SG2 1/2" Yes Yes No 36"
SG3 Steam Gun  image
SG3 1/2 Yes Yes Yes No
SG4 Steam Gun  image
SG4 1/2" Yes Yes No No
SG5 Steam Gun image
SG5 3/4" Yes Yes No No
SG6 Steam Gun image
SG6 1/2" Yes No No 36"
SteamGun Model Inlet Size Lever Operation Barrel Swivel Hose Swivel Gun Barrel
SG7 Steam Gun image
SG7 1/2" Yes No No No
SG8 Steam Gun  image
SG8 1/2" No Yes Yes 36"
SG9 Steam Gun image
SG9 1/2" No Yes No 36"
SG10 Steam Gun  image
SG10 1/2" No Yes No No
SG11 Steam Gun  image
SG11 1/2" No Yes Yes No
SteamGun Model Inlet Size Lever Operation Barrel Swivel Hose Swivel Gun Barrel
SG12 Steam Gun image
SG12 1/2" No No No 36"
SG13 Steam Gun image
SG13 3/4" Yes No No 36" w/TG

SG14Steam Gun  image


3/4" Yes No No 36" w/TG


CoolGrip Gun Barrels Pipe Size Length Output Note
GB1 Cool Grip Gun Barrel image
GB1 1/4" 36' 1/4" Straight For use with pressure washer guns
GB2  Cool Grip Gun Barrel image
GB2 3/8" 36" 3/8" 45º Fits all Walters SteamGuns
GB3  Cool Grip Gun Barrel image
GB3 3/8" 18" 3/8" 45º Fits all Walters SteamGuns
GB4 3/8" 36" 3/8" 45º Stainless Steel Barrel
GB5 Cool Grip Gun Barrel image
GB5 3/8" 24" 3/8" Straight For use with guns w/o barrel swivels
GB6  Cool Grip Gun Barrel image
GB6 3/8" 42" 3/8" Straight For use with guns w/o barrel swivels


All nozzles require orifices.
  Tips / Nozzles Pipe Size Size Output Note
N1 Nozzle image N1 3/8" male 3" fan For use with steam (>) 2 GPM
N2 Nozzle image N2 3/8" male 2" fan For use with steam (<) 2 GPM
N3 Nozzle image N3 3/8" male n/a round For use with steam up to 6 GPM
TG1 Nozzle image TG1 3/8" male n/a 4" female Tip Guard for pressure washer
TG2 Nozzle image TG2 1/4" female n/a 4" female Tip Guard for Pressure washer


Smaller orifice sizes will increase pressure, but can create unwanted back pressure.
OR1 image OR2 image
Steam Orifices Size Diameter in inches Note
OR1-16 16 .177 Vapor Cleaner up to 3 GPM @ 110 psi
OR1-27 27 .144 Vapor Cleaner up to  3 GPM @ 150 psi
OR1-30 30 .129 2 GPM @ 150 psi
OR1-32 32 .116 2.5 GPM @ 175 psi
OR1-34 34 .111 3 GPM @ 250 psi
OR1-36 36 .107 2 GPM @ 200 psi

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